Hello man, are you a beginner and wants AdSense Approval? Then, let me tell you that, to get adsense Approval in 2022 is not too easy that you think. As, many of websites are launching every day. But you can get adsense Approval by the help of best Blogger Templates, which will be given in this post.

Okay, Now let me talk about -

What is an AdSense Approval Template?

The Templates in which many of websites has been approved are called AdSense approval blogger template. There are some criteria which is needed for AdSense approval.

Criteria Of AdSense Approval

The Required Criteria for AdSense Approval Templates are-

  • SEO Friendly Blogger Template
  • Responsive Blogger Template
  • Fast Loading Blogger Template

Now, you are curios about why we need to fulfill these Criteria's, So, let me tell you that Google in its Policies clearly stated about these criteria and if your Blogger Template does not meet then, your website will not get AdSense Approval.

So, I have made the Lists of Best Blogger Templates for AdSense Approval which I have used in my websites and, literally I have got approval by each of these Blogger Templates.

Top 2 Free AdSense Approval Blogger Templates

1. Knowledge Test Blogger Template

This template is also Developed by Website Developers and this also an educational blogger theme and about 23+ templates has been approved by this template within 1 month of Launching.
You can also get Approval By using this template. This is also a free blogger template. 
Preview of this AdSense Approval blogger template-:

Best blogger template for education

2. Study Fly Blogger Template

This Template is developed by Website Developers, and you will shocked that this template is created in July 2022 and Within One Months about 39+ websites has been approved by this template. and my one of website is approved by this template. You can also get AdSense Approval by using This AdSense Approval Blogger TemplateIt is an educational blogger Template.

Check Its Preview Now-:

Studyfly v2 - educational blogger template

Now you can get Approval of AdSense From using Above Blogger Templates.
These all templates are free of cost. So now you all have Free blogger template for AdSense approval.


So i hope you have learn best blogger templates for education website.